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I find it to be pretty interesting how each time this person was responding to my posting, a different location, for them, kept coming up.What in the world is someone in Indiana responding to a complaint in Northern California.

I believe that it is the manager/employee who worked at Motel 6 where I had a problem but they would not own up to it and just for kicks, because that it their mentality, was TRYING to desecrate my reputation.

If there is a way to research this that would be great.Thanks for having this website and if you could do something about those who are trying to remove posting from your website that would be great.

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to OH ***ING *** ITS THATGUY San Rafael, California, United States #627878

:grin Obviously since you are an employee trying to discredit my posting since obviously you have nothing better to do, by posting once again out of this time....ummm...oh, I see it, San Antonio, TX. Well let me tell you something San Antonio Texas, you go checkout the place for yourself since your so keen to the idea that they did nothing wrong....oh yeah, and HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!


That dude writes bulllshit to everyone.

to So-sad is a little biitch San Rafael, California, United States #736952

Haha, thank you. I just saw all of these including the little ***, haha.

All the best

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